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Looking for a solo act?

Dublin city's Peadar Hickey began his career in entertainment singing ballads in the renown musical pubs of Temple Bar. Peadar has a vast repertoire of old Irish traditional songs, songs in the Irish language, songs of resistance and remembrance as well as some more contemporary popular hits.

Peadar is an accomplished guitar player and singer with a long history of performing throughout Ireland, Europe and across the US and Canada. He is a former member of Derek's Warfield's Young Wolfe Tones, The Prodigals and Basket House Band, touring the Irish festival circuit in the US for over a decade.

With past and present music residencies in some of the biggest Irish pubs in Dublin, New York and even Las Vegas, Peadar brings his knowledge of Ireland and Irish music to his audiences in a lively and highly entertaining package. On any night of the week, you can find Peadar performing at pubs, restaurants and breweries all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Grab yourself a seat and buckle up. We will be departing for Dublin shortly......

Check out Peadar's Youtube and Instagram pages to see a truly versatile singer, guitar player and most of all entertainer. Whatever the venue or occasion, Peadar will bring you the Irish rock, pop, country or traditional show that's right for you. Email:

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